About Me

My name is Cecilia Marks and I am a professional career nanny (NNEB equivalent). Originally from New Zealand, I have worked all over the world, including Australia, America and the UK. I have cared for newborns right through to teenagers. I really have seen it all.


You can call me CeeCee, Celia, Ceeeeee, Nanny,  - I have been called all of these names by my charges during my 22 years as a nanny, and I have loved every one of them; the names and the children. When I started my present job with ‘Busy’, who was 11 weeks then and is now three, I witnessed again in her parents the same hesitations, apprehensions and use of misconstrued information. I realised that what came naturally to me through experience and an innate maternal overdrive did not come naturally to my new mum employer and her friends. In guiding them through the processes I’ve learned over the years, I began writing down what I did and would do in certain situations. This became a nanny notebook to rectifying ‘every mistake in the book’ if you will. Cradle to Crayons: A Nanny’s Tips and Tricks to  is the end result.  


My career, which is heartbreaking at times but mostly thoroughly rewarding and joyous is coming to an end soon. I’ve realised I want to help more than just my little circle. In looking back over the years, I realised that what I’ve mainly observed is parents getting lost in the overload of expectation that comes with parenting. They were often unable to see the wood from the trees when raising their little one. And I am constantly being asked, ‘How do you do this?, How do you do that?’ and ‘What should I be doing?’ It occurred to me that parents need direction and the encouragement to have faith in themselves. 


I see children as seedlings. They need love, care and direction. Parents are the sun, the water and the soil. Both know what they need from each other, and both need help to grow and bloom. My experience makes me the gardener. From Cradles to Crayons provides pointers, suggestions and ways for new parents to adapt to their new circumstances.