From Cradles to Crayons: A Nanny’s Tips and Tricks covers a wide range of topics concerning how to bring up baby within the family unit, from birth to around eighteen months. It examines physical and mental approaches for parents and developmental and cognitive steps for baby. This is achieved through a series of practical tips and suggestions, as well as an overall approach to raising baby in a relaxed and loving environment.  


My central theme is communication. I aim to help parents learn to communicate verbally and non-verbally with their child. I cover this in several chapters and through a baby’s different stages of development. Play It By Ear teaches parents to listen to why their child is making the noises they are, and to distinguish between them. Meanwhile, Give It A Minute helps parents to discover how to react and to decide what action needs to be taken. Meanwhile, the chapter called Protest Movement helps parents tell the difference between their child’s wants and needs. I strongly feel this is the cornerstone of a happy and healthy home, both physically and mentally.


I cover ways to feed babies, from breast and bottle through to the introduction of solids. I look at old schools of thought and new ways of doing it - tying these cleverly together into my own formula, Lazy Baby Led.


In Bed, Bath And Beyond and Rock A Bye Baby, I provide advice for helping baby sleep. I also look at the importance of connecting with babies through play and massage. 


Getting Ahead Of The Class looks at how a parent can immerse themselves in their new community and find a support network, both inside and outside the home. Equip Yourself helps Mum or Dad wade through the avalanche of baby paraphernalia.


I talk about the physical and emotional building blocks of infanthood. In Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, I look at rolling, crawling, standing and walking. In Gums, Tums and Bums, I examine the bodily functions involved in teething and provide advice on the best ways best to deal with whatever comes up.


Finally, I offer a mind, body and soul approach to implementing routines and supply achievable schedules for all involved.