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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

As you may have gathered she crawling ( from Fresh eyes, baby proofing ) and loving her new freedom. And it is wonderful to see the delight in her eyes when she reaches something or you across the room. Although she is being like an olympic swimmer at the moment crossed with GI Joe as in she commando crawling , think elbows and knees but no bum in the air and then getting close enough to reach out to only just with finger tip ( like a swimmer in a race ) touch the thing she is after. If it is me she feels that she has made it and in touching me has tagged me to pick her up hence finishing the journey. She gets rightly frustrated when I don't help her. And has finally got her bum in the air and got on all fours to finish her quest. But I won't help her and that is good. What not helping her is good? Yes, in every way ( except safely) the frustration she feels is the motivation to move ( literally ) to the next step ( literally ) This reaching , trying and frustration releases a desire to get what ever it is. It is the very beginning of problem solving and a hugely vital part of a babies and toddlers learning curve in life.

You need to let them 'do it' you have to sit on your hands and let them cry or get frustrated or roll into the couch so they can learn that , that item is not going to move , they have to. ( side note pet peeve when a child trips or hurts themselves on inanimate object and parent blames object , naughty chair etc. not chairs fault , teaching your child that the chair is to blame and should have moved not them leads to a whole mirage of problems and not taking responsibility for ones actions = can of worms ) rant over. But yes you have to let connections in the brain fire up and work things out. Basically in a safe space, with supervision , trial and error. Sometimes over and over till they get it .

But there are ways we can help the brain and body, and I have touched on them before, here its called trans lateral movement or in other parts cross patterning ( switching on ) . Any time they are on their back ie nappy change , getting dressed , lying on floor , take a minute to touch their opposite toes to hands. Can be done through song to make it fun. But make sure you do a few repetitions to get the brain firing. Use reflexology by massaging the feet to stimulate brain waves too. And move, move, move their muscles and stretch and flex all the limbs that are going be needed. Like an athlete getting ready to go, stretch out their legs, rotate their hips, uncurl shoulders and splay out fingers and toes.

Get on the floor and crawl yourself, get to playgroup where older ones are and there is a lot of open safe space. They love to copy other babies and children and yourselves. There will be a few false starts, is she / he going to go and plop the back end bottoms out, or the arms collapse. But eventually look for the first real sign after the frustration cries have passed and that is being on all fours and rocking , no moving forward, there will be days of rocking , then they find reverse, second set of protest wails and finally they will get it. And they are off .......

Second vent , ignore if you want to , but in my career and in my life experience and studies I have found that babies need to crawl, if only for a day, ( preferably longer ) they need to make that connection of marching ( opposite hands to feet ) the synapsis in the brain that gets connected is the one that people in the know feel is connected to learning so I am an advocate of you must crawl. Not bum shuffle, not spider walk ( same feet and hands left left / right right). I did this and it is felt it lead to my dyslexia and I had to do exercises in later life to help to correct that. It is also felt that crawling helps to learn spacial awareness and to learn danger as they navigate their world. It would do no harm to bring your child back to the floor and help them by preforming the switching on methods above. x

This is a wonderful time in all your lives and with a wee bit of help can lead to extraordinary experience for both you and your baby.

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