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Updated: Nov 5, 2019

As you can tell , I'm happy to chat to anyone and will, as you can read I will tell you anything , and everything and am probably accused of TMI (too much information ) but my verbal diarrheic ambling aside , it is good to talk. So get out there and join a group, chat up other mums, go speed dating with your baby (to appropriate groups ) enrol in classes, be it antenatal, post natal. There are plenty of groups if you know where to look and with a bit of selfless shameless promotion, my website ( is aimed at doing just that ! Connecting parents with parents. Be it a coffee group, breast feeding event or church get together. These days it doesn't have to be in person , social media has opened up a world of connections, websites, forums, group chats, all offering interactions, support, advice and a great place to gossip and or vent. Which are highly underrated ways to get through your day! A lot of mums miss the social interactions of the work place and the water cooler moments. And when all the excitement of new baby fades away and it does for others then it can be a very lonely space. So get out there , smile at other mums, bite the bullet and leave the house, turn up and chat up people , you will ( I promise ) make friends for life.

One of my recommendations is an antenatal group, do it with your partner or just you , I did and found a whole bunch of ladies, all having babies at the same time as me , all going through similar situations, and stages of pregnancy. Some were on 2nd and or 3rd children were wealths of information and happy to share. Others were rookies like me and we could band and bond together in our inexperience of the whole thing. Now I have wee one , I have braved the outside world and gone to breast feeding workshop and meet up for coffee with a mum I met there. Once she's bigger, bubs not the mum and had her shots, we will be baby massaging and doing a swim class.

Trust me when I say , and I learnt this as a nanny and being a mum has backed it up. Having a baby like a puppy attracts people, they want to talk to you , even if just for a minute and that can be life line. But most of all you are now and forever part of a huge wonderful club, and the members want to help you. Not to be too crude but women support women so tap in to the pussy power and find a friend.

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