Grumpy Guts

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

My wee on is on the move, kind of , she crawling like a GI Joe right now, combining that with a roll from back to tummy she is getting around the place. But not fast enough ( for her , Im fine with the slow progress ) she wants to go , mostly to finally catch the cats I think , but yes steely eye of determination and war cry of frustration she is getting ready to be mobile. The bum is up and knees posed but her front half did not get message and then when it joins the party her bum has collapsed so she is inch worming it around the place. Very cute to watch from our end but boy is she frustrated and telling everyone in the vicinity including the neighbours about it. This coupled with two front teeth erupting from her gums and she is a Grumpy Guts. Now as I am not from around these parts I don't know if you use this term ? For me it means fed up , frustrated, and in pain of some sort.

And every child goes through it , a lot, for there lives till they can logically figure things out , even then I have been accused of showing symptoms in adult life too. But anyway , they whinge, whine, cry ( half heartedly ) yell, put head on floor face down and then look at you to help them. They want to be held, touched, be able to see you , want be picked up, put down , not touched and just get going all at the same time. They know what they want they just don't know how and what to do to get it , or achieve it. This is where you can help.

Lots of praise , if it's crawling, eating , sitting up , what ever they are trying to do make sure you given them the right encouraging noises ( cos thats it all it really is for them right now ) lots of yahoo, and good girl/boy. Higher pitch installs excitement in them , gives them a lift, releases endorphins in the brain that they want to hear, feel that again from you

Get in their face, smile , eye contact , get on their level be it on the floor, at the table , face to face, clapping, punching the air, waving your hands around. Let them know from you , they are onto right track. Also do what they are trying to , so they copy you , learning for a baby is part brain reaction, they get an urge to crawl etc and part copying, they want to do what you are. Fed themselves, pick up that toy, sit on the floor and for my wee one, move about.

Get physical, You can help with exercising their bodies in a way it stimulates muscle memory and cognitive development. Cross patterning and trans lateral exercises switch the brain on ( left side controls right and vice versa) so that urge to do something becomes physical. The best way to help them is to sing songs and touch their opposite feet to hands, and or after bath time or any nappy change while they are on their back encourage them to cross the centre line and touch toes to opposite finger, toes to nose. Rotate their hips and massage their joints , stretch their limbs out and unfold them as such. For crawling pushing their knees up to tummy and going through the motions while on their backs helps them to know the feel of movement and try to replicate it when they are on the floor.

Grumpy guts is just pure frustrations of what they want to do and what they can do , so helping them to achieve this , getting involved in their journey , helps to alleviate the time that they are frustrated. Let them know you are their support crew and cheerleader all in one, you will help them catch them , and pop them back on right track be it physically and or mentally. Communication in both these fields is so important to you and your baby from the get go. They know you go them and they are safe to explore and taste and try out their world. Grumpy guts is a part of all your lives, it is the motivation to move forward ( literally ) You need to support them but also you need to let them go through it , as it is what motivates them to take that next leap. Don't pick them up instantly , let them grizzle but get over to you , if they are trying to feed them selves, let them , its messy but they will get it. I always as rule of thumb have twice as much as I need as my wee one has a 50 % success rate at getting it into her mouth, but boy is she proud ( and so am I ) when she does, she is so happy that she got it. She is so happy when she finally after a few grizzle pit stops gets to her choose destination. The feeling of achievement is what motivates then in every way to try again, to go further, to eat more ( give me that spoon )! To sit up until they get it, ( then you can take the pillow away ) to follow a voice in their heads telling them what do next. We need to be there but also just as a safety net as they have to learn and do it on their own,

Trust me it is a wonderful moment, that connection , that light bulb going off in their heads when they get it . So let then get grumpy as it is all worth it in the end .

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