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Updated: Nov 5, 2019

So I am part of a wonderful little group that has formed out of an antenatal class, I am also included in a mash up online group that I have been lucky enough to click with some of the mums outside and we meet up for coffee. And its through these interactions that I have found a wealth of knowledge. I may know my stuff when I come to looking after my baby ( nanny 25 years ) , but the motherhood stuff, I will be the first to say , I am learning and absorbing so much from these ladies. So I thought I would pass on what I have picked up in the past couple of weeks and what I know that could be helpful to other first time mums .

Breast Pads , not only great for those leaks, think water sprinkler when your baby cries, or you move funny and your top rubs against your nipple and  presto both go at the same time. But do not despair ! Those leaks can be put to good use. If you are co feeding and having Dad or someone help out with a bottle , use the breast pad to help baby settle with them. A few mums had mentioned that their significant others were having trouble getting baby to settle with them , so I said use the breast pad and get them to pop it between them and baby , then they will smell right. Better still wear one of his t shirts to bed, sleep in it a couple of nights, feed in it and leak into it. Then don't wash it , Dad can wear it and insta mum is on.  You get a rest , they get to bond with bubs.

Another tip I got for breast feeding is hot flannels, after the feed, your nipples are still stimulated and its hard literally for them to relax. So a seasoned mum has hot flannels/facecloth at the ready to pop on them , its like a mini massage as it soothes instantly. I tried the gel hand warmers that you get on ski slopes, the reusable one that you click and it goes warm, then you can pop in hot water to reset. Works wonders in the middle of the night.

Other tips and tricks  , in no particular order

Onesies , did you know that the shoulder folds at the top are designed so when not if an explosive poo happens and its all up their back and almost ( sometimes ) in their hair that you can get the clothing off from the shoulders down instead of up and making the mess worse. It's a clever bit of design and seems simple but I went years till someone pointed it out and the light bulb moment happened! Down not up !!

reflux, yours not theirs in pregnancy

There are many over the counter and old wives tales remedies to help the heart burn and the reflux , and you may find that you are walking around mainlining Gaviscon with a straw in the bottle but one mum put me on to Love Hearts sweets or anything with sherbet , its pretty much the same, and tastes a bit better. I found sucking on those much more enjoyable.

reflux, theirs not yours

I have found that if I prop the bed then my lil one sleeps better, it helps to keep the milk down and the if they have colic or reflux , it keeps it at bay. Also really useful for when they get a cold, as they will and they will get stuffed up and get phlegm on their chests. The wedge helps them to keep their airways clear and sleep,  to get better. They sound like snufalufakus out of the muppets but they sleep. You can of course buy several version of special wedges but I've found a simple pillow under the mattress works just as well .

I will as the days go by add to this  list so it will be the blog that keeps on giving thanks to the lovely woman out there who are happy to impart their experience and knowledge to those  following in their foot steps .  


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