Hi Ho, off to hospital I go

Updated: May 28

The time is upon me, and how ever mentally ready we get , the act of actual turning up at the hospital can be daunting especially if its unplanned by you and it's your baby that lets you know its time to go. In speaking to other soon to be mums and from my own experience, maintaining some sort of control over the proceedings seems to quell the nerves a bit. So here is my list of things to take in for you, Dad and bubs

For YOU - comfortable clothes , how ever long your stay , take clothes that you feel good in . Some of us don't want to to be shuffling around in pjs and dressing gown, some do , so take several sets of what make YOU COMFORTABLE !

Slippers, or flip fops , you will be walking the halls and in and out of bathrooms, so covered feet always good

Toiletries - tooth brush , perfume , deodorant, make up ( to feel nice after all that pushing) hairbrush, hair ties and headband, pads , oils, for the rooms and for your body, arnica (helps bruising), lip balm ( gas and air can chap your lips ) moisturiser ( for the massages you will want ) nipple cream and nipple pads, haemorrhoid cream ( don't ask , just take )

Swimsuit (tankini) or a comfortable bra top if your in and out of the pool

Going home outfit, something nice , you did it, feel good, show off ! Don't forget that you might be feeding so tops and bras to breast feed in?

Bits and Pieces - tens machine , book, cards, puzzle books ( it can a long wait ) dvd's, iPad or laptop to watch tv, iPhone or cd player ( listen to music ) plugs and chargers ! Candles ( LED ) birthing ball, snacks snacks snacks , sweet and savoury. I've got chocolate buttons for sugar pick me up and crisps for the salt. drinks drinks drinks, camera or video camera

Birth Choices I've purposely called it choices because we are all aware things never go to plan, so it is good to have things you want recored so both your birth partner and your midwife can resort back to it. Do you want to be offered pain relief or ask for it, how do you want to deliver, upright or lying down ( personally upright let gravity help you !!)

Who is cutting the cord and when, are you insisting skin to skin immediately ( answer is yes, so beneficial to you and bubs )! Do you want to be assisted or a natural placenta delivery ? Breast or bottle ? Do you want support in first bath techniques? All important questions that you need to consider before you are in the birth bubble.

For HIM - change of clothes, swim trucks in case he wants to get in pool or rest on side

For WEE ONE - several cute as a button outfits, nappies and wipes, bottom cream, flannels for lil spills, muslins for big spills and to wrap in, blankets, car seat including head rest, (note to self practise putting it in and out of car before bubs )! Lil hats and or mittens, ( bottles and formula optional ) cot toys.

Most important packing item.... PADS. For your neither regions ( front and back ) I’ve found periods pants with a good pad helps not only for the bleeding but the soreness. ( top tip, Put pad in fridge then wear.The coolness really helps ).

Pack this bag together as it helps that Dad knows where everything is when you need it rather than you having to come out of birthing bubble and him trowing stuff around the room.

Remember to breath and that after all of it , you will be a parent so enjoy the process. It's all worth it x

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