Houdini , the escape artist baby

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Since my wee one has started crawling her skill and determination has been getting better and stronger as in, nothing is stopping me !!. As I will surely love this determination later in life and encourage it in her, I feel I am in for bumpy ride for the next few years ( thinking battle of wills ) It started gradually with her getting confidence from going commando, crawling that is not kicking with her knickers off, although am looking forward to nice weather to let her do both, to all fours racing around the place. Once she got the hang of it she was , is off. I have ( see previous posts ) baby proofed the place like Fort Knox. And she knows it, so she is finding new and exciting ways to get around and out !

And I also said in a previous post she fell out of push chair, she is fomo ( fear of missing out ) or in older days language curious and inquisitive and wants to know what is around the corner, over there , under there and can I climb it ? I blame her grandfather who my grandmother said was the same. I do love this sense of adventure but heck is it keeping me on my toes. She is fast , extremely observant and determined. You leave a baby gate open for a sec ( think teenage boys getting used to a quick moving floor slug ( their words not mine ) ) A bedroom door with all sorts of teenage junk and clothes on the floor-robe or the door to the garden open and she out like shot. Thank goodness I have drilled in to them , not the front door. But the grand prize is the bathroom door ajar and toilet seat up, it is a recipe for baby disaster. Although I do want to put baby locks on the seat but feel that the boys in the middle of the night might not be ale to cope. ( think trying to pee in the bowl is a challenge let alone a locked down seat)

Just when I feel I may be on top of things, she find an area of weakness to explore. So here is what I seem to have forgot and now due to trail and error hopefully tied down

Book cases, she's a climber so she uses them as steps. Make sure they are not the ones that are just balanced on small pegs. As we found as she bought whole lot down on herself. The case itself screwed to wall , shelves not baby secured.

Cupboards, same goes there, kitchen cupboards , she's exercise observant and has figured out how to open, not only does all the contents come out but she climbs up them. I have invested heavily in clips and locks to keep them all together , as in you pull one out , they all come ,but this is a royal pain in the arse.

Stair gates, This is a two pronged attack, she is very quick to navigate up the stairs when a gate has inadvertently been left ajar. We have been daily working on going up the stairs by herself and coming down back wards. I get on the stairs with her and place her hands and feet in the right place and we go up and down and up and down. Great exercise for both of us. Hopefully with both brain memory and muscle memory she can safely ascend them. She won't be doing it solo for a long while but I figure if she is so keen to get at them I will accommodate her. The second thing she does with gates is test how sturdy her fathers handyman skills are, she crawls over, drags herself up them with pure core strength ( I am so jealous , after c section I will never have that again ) and rattles at them like she is prison. I guess for her she is . She is at the moment testing the one between her and the cats food in the laundry. So far the bolts are holding.

Anything and everything with legs, especially human. If you stand still too long you are fair game to be clambered up. But she gets frustrated when that leg moves so she has also found the tables ( kitchen and coffee ) chairs, benches and couch are very accommodating. A lot of trail and error to what is stable and whats not. Her favourite game is pulling the plastic safety corners off. But I have found that bumps are going to happen , no matter what. You can't bubble wrap your whole home and wee corners in the kitchen or a misjudged pull on something that makes it come down on her is going to happen. We have nailed down the big stuff trust me.

Her bed. She is way too little for a big bed , but today I realised that her climbing skills were getting better she also got out of her cot. I don't think she knew that what she was doing but it won't be long. I have one that goes up and down in levels and the side comes down for easier mummy access with a bad back ( thats me , 20 years of lifting the same aged kids over and over has done me in ) I had it lowered to the middle one , but Houdini here at nap time got up and got her foot just about over the bar. She freaked herself out and the yell had me up the stairs two by two. I just about pole-vaulted the stair gate. So tonight we are lowering the cot to almost me doubled over to get her on mattress but it is worth it.

There was discussions about putting mattress under cot she does manage to get out. I have in a past job watched wee one do a hand stand and flick her knees over the bar and propel herself out of cot. I was amazed at creativity and we bought her a big girl bed that day ! I know that my wee one is going to do the same. So as soon as she is ready and big enough , she'll move to her very low to the ground day bed come her forever bed with a mattress under it incase she rolls out.

All joking aside , it is wonderful to see her find her freedom and be secure/ brave enough to venture in to the house. To find her hands and feet and rise to the occasions. She is problem solving, investigating her world and learning. These experiences be they good or bad, as in that worked , that didn't , is setting her up for the challenges to come in her life. I will make the place as safe as I can and be right behind her, one eye on her and one eye on what can she get in to next. But loving the spirit of adventure she is showing. The risk taking that will see her right in life and the sense of achievement she is gaining.

Are we allowed to strap them to the bed ?

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