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Updated: Nov 5, 2019

It's happened, a wee white bump made itself known in lil ones mouth last week which turned into a grizzly to the point theetha wasn't cutting it literally and we had to pull out the hard stuff and calpol her arse. There was dribbling, everything in her mouth, marathon sleeper ? Going off her food, weird rashes, red cheeks and ear pulling. Then last night she bit her Dad ! And we could not be happier, her included, her first tooth , she did it. And boy is she proud. Little toothy grin.

For me it's a wonderful moment and a bitter sweet one and I'm not just thinking of my new membership to the nip nip club ( nipping the nipple ) but another milestone has been reached , don't get me wrong ticking them off helps me to feel that everything is ok, she hitting those targets and she healthy and happy and developing as she should. But ticking them off means she is growing up and fast in my head. My baby is still a baby but she rolling and sitting up, feeding herself toast and eating my dinner , not interested in hers even though it's the same, off a spoon. Her knees have starting to get used and I know I have weeks till she crawls and then walk and talks and then she off to university .

I know its not that fast but you ask parents of grown up kids and it feels like that. My husband has three teens that I have adopted and he laments how quickly it goes. My Dad always says you spend the first years having you kids run after you for attention ,then spend the rest of yours running after them for attention. Statically and this is scary when you think about it , at age 10 you have spent over half , HALF !! The time you are ever going to spend with your kids in both your lives. From then on, they get more and more independent and need you less, they move out , move away and have lives of their own. AGE 10 people. It really does go so fast.

Oh I know its just a first tooth , or yah first tooth, but we are off the starting blocks, soon we will have only photos of what she looked like as a gummy wee dote. What she was like when she just sat there as a lump. She will be walking and talking and telling us what she wants to wear, eat , do. So this blog is in honour of all those little (sometimes insignificant ) precious moments that we need to , have to take the time to see and acknowledge before the pass in to memory

I can tell by my wee ones expressions that she will A - have a lot to say.... Like her Mum and B- have a whacked sense of humour .... Like her Dad. Already she can cut you down with a look. She may not be speaking but she communicating, trust me and she understand more than she is letting on. Im trying my best to take the time in a busy day to see her, talk directly to her and understand how she is talking to me. To commit to memory these times, these moments. Record and remembered.

So heres to first teeth, and all that came before, the smiles, the giggles, the recognising you ! The falling asleep in your arms , and heres to what comes now, the pointing, waving clapping , the crawling , walking, talking, eating and then the attitude, but thats another blog. x

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