Lotions and Potions

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

I've never been one to buy into those advertisings about moisturisers , cleansers, toners and all that to make your skin look younger, healthier and less lines. I feel like it's a crock and I am happy ageing disgracefully, but I have to say becoming pregnant and now a mum I find myself doing a daily regime of creams and oils for exactly that I guess. Before Bubs there were oils for stretch marks, (for me to help soften them, I'm proud of my tiger stripes ) and moisturisers I was lathering on when my skin and stomach was stretching to accommodate new life. Special oils that I was to 'massage' the perineum in case of tearing in birth , unfortunately as you will read in another post that was futile not because I tore anyway but my labour did not go that way. Now that she is born , I'm oiling up after a shower and rubbing all sorts on all sorts of areas! I have arnica for the bruising, Bio oil for the C section scar, lanolin and camomile for the nipples after a feed, coconut oil for before the feed. caniston for the thrush, Haemorrhoid cream for , well self explanatory really.

I feel like a small pharmacy and herbal shop rolled in to one. Although I have to say , I err of the side of natural remedies, as I'm also oiling up the inside of me too, fish oils for bubs eyesight and pregnancy vitamins for iron and vitamin D, turmeric for healing and to combat pain relief as I don't want to take over the counter pain killers as I am breast feeding and firm believer what I ingest she gets.

Im finding that I am literally dripping this fetish on to her too, after her bath she get massaged with baby lotions and potions to keep that wonderful soft skin they are born with. I put special stuff in the basin for her, ( she still little enough to get bathed in the sink) and her reusable cloths for her face and bum (separate cloths !!) Are scented with lavender.

All in all Ive spent, rubbed a small fortune on all this and there is no room left on my dressing table. I think I may not have fallen for societies idea of beauty but I have definitely fallen under the spell of the mummy and me aisle of the any high street shop and supermarket / pharmacy . There is a whole industry designed to cover us and them from head to toe. So what ever you feel about societies pressures to get your body back and presentable and or keep their skin supple and soft , there is a cream for that and an oil for everything else. I have to say it is rather nice to receive a wee bottle of smelly stuff to pamper yourself with after having a baby so I won't chastise it too much .

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