Mother's Day

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

I am 8 months in of my life sentence and it's my first review, Mother's Day. I guess we have two reviews a year. This day and their birthday. ( even if your wee one was born on Mother's day, it keeps moving). These days, are a chance to see how you are doing. Their birthdays is to celebrate that you kept them alive for another year. It's not their day it's yours to celebrate. They get the party but you get the glee. Whoohoo we did it. But Mother's day is when every one else gets to review you , I mean celebrate you. Whoo hoo, you did it.

As I said above this is my first, and Im so excited. She not big enough to make me anything that I will treasure forever yet or to make watery tea and burnt toast in bed yet. But I am so thrilled to be here. So my other half better get something from her ! Hint hint. As I have said in other post, over the years I have watched from the sidelines, making the trinkets and pressing the feet in to paint for plates. Or handprints for cards. Then stepping back as the nanny. But this year , I'm front and centre ! Even though some might say its just a commercial way of getting people to part with their money for Mummy. Right now, I am new to the club and ready to receive my membership card literally. She was so hard fought and won that I never thought I would be here, always the bridesmaid never the bride as such. I am acknowledging and hoping that others acknowledge me as a Mother on this day.

Yes, every day is Mother's day and Father's day and we get the rewards all the time. But it is nice to have a day when Mums and what they do and who they are etc are in the spotlight. Mums are the silent warriors behind the schemes, the Mid-Night Zombies, the cleaner uppers after the meal, the ones that quietly and quickly throw together a playdate or coffee group and book day costume and a sleep over at a moments notice. We are the ones that wipe noses that run like taps while feeling like death warmed up ourselves And endless bottoms through the years. We kiss booboo's better and plaster scrapes. Brush hair and teeth and dirt off everything. We know ( most of the time) where the lost item of clothing is , the keys, the cat , and the cheese in the fridge right in front of you ! We work 24/7 , 3-6-5 unpaid and unnoticed sometimes. No break , no let up , on call day and night. We eat, shower , sleep and pee only if time and our children allow us too and even then we have company for some of it that is unwanted in the nicest possible way. There are Millions of us unpaid workers around the world. Today I saw a post saying that Mums get up on average 6 am , work straight through to on average again 10 pm, that's a 15 hr day, nearly two day working week in one day , every day. Even weekends. So if a card company wants people to spend some cash on a Mum then I will take one for the team and accept this honour. I say let them , we can and do need to be seen and thanked. We do , do it for free, just don't tell them that we would not have it any other way. ( heck on 2nd thoughts do tell them , we should get paid)! I hope and pray and say to all of you HAPPY MOTHER DAY you have earned it , you're doing great , you got this x

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