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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Following on from my PTSD of having a C section, my PND that lasted 13 months ( happy to say has melted away ) and my break through moment of having my tummy brushed in a massage, I took some of my friends advice and had a Mummy MOT. You see I've sorted the mental stress, then the emotional , got over the physiological block, now I needed to actually get myself fixed physically. I am / was still having tightness, numbness, pain around my scar. From belly button to c section. I had water retention, that lovely mummy pooch/ shelf that would not shift then to boot incontinence !

That is the thing , we do get shy after we have had a baby , maybe because our body wasn't our own during pregnancy and every ( qualified) Tom Dick and Harry has had a listen and touch of our tummies. Then we have to get over quickly whipping our boobs out when our baby needs then and every unqualified Tom Dick and Harry has a good look at them. We get self conscious that yes our bodies made life and we are proud of that , but society does not make us proud of the aftermath, the stretch marks and extra skin, the above mentioned shelf that forms under our belly buttons and the parts of us that sag. We think the aches and pains is just part of motherhood and we don't want to mention it. The response I got back from Mums, after I posted a simple status on my little hands big plans fb page about how great the MOT was, was amazing . Mums who said yes, I still have this and that , this long after baby , I figured that was normal and or Im just living with that ! I didn't know you could get that helped / fixed! We seem to just get on with it and not to grumble .

We need to lose the shyness, stand up and look after ourselves. Trust me its a bit of work, homework as such and a bit like what we had during pregnancy For me its kegals and tummy massage to encourage the fluid to dissipate, firmly not gently. I am one week in and pleased to say the bump has gone down and the coughing and sneezing not so daunting any more ! We don't have to put up with stuff anymore , there are professionals willing to actually help you hallelujah. Others I have spoken to have had hips readjusted so they can walk again with out pain or clicking, uterus put back in to place ( its a thing and more common than we think and makes perfect sense !) Trapped nerves soothed, rips and tears sorted out and the big one Diastasis Recti ( abdominal separation ) reversed. It is where our tummy muscles were stretched so much during pregnancy they don't come back together and leave a dip. Very common , not really known , acknowledged or talked about.

It makes perfect sense that we should have a check over and up. Anything else in life that goes through trauma does, especially if we intend to go again. Bit of a service and tune up, bit like a car getting road ready after being driven off piste on bumpy lanes and over a cliff should be a given ! I can't promise that there is a person in your area but there will be somewhere and its well worth the appointment. If not to be reassured you're not going crazy, your'e not supposed to have to hold it in when you go over a bump in the rd and yes your pooch will go away of you work on it. Now if I could only put down the chocolate and wee drink each night to help it along .

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