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Updated: Nov 5, 2019

I wrote this a while back and have come back to it, as some mums in our group have been asking about remedies. I wholeheartedly believe and practise all of these, but want to say this is a purely personal preference , there is medical and scientific evidence to back and to deny all of these and you make of it what you will. I came back to this blog as was asked how to handle cradle cap. The answer is not expensive shampoos from your local chemist that is full of chemicals , but oil. Any oil be it olive, vegetable, coconut to plain old cooking oil. Cradle cap is dryness on bubs scalp that builds up on itself that it can become itchy for bubs and sore, it can look painful and flaky. It is basically baby dandruff as such but a bit worse. So as it starts, as it will because there wee scalps are exposed to the elements as they ( mostly ) have less hair to start with unless your born with a bob as a couple of babies I know have been. So oil them up. I find warm small container of oil then dip your fingers in and massage on to scalp around the affected areas. Really soak the flakes through, leave as long as you can , couple of hours etc then with a baby comb or a fine tooth comb or your finger nails gently scrap it off. It should lift away easily. Then reapply oil to the scalp to moisture and wash bubs head with a mild shampoo to get the excess oil away, as soap dissolves oil. Repeat as often as needed.

There are many remedies , I have learnt and heard of through the ages. Like oats/porridge is especially good for chicken pox, or any itchy skin or burns. Pop a cup ( not exact measurement , I mean a cup from cupboard or anything handy) of oats /porridge in to a muslin , we all have them hanging around , when it comes to babies, tie up with a rubber band in to a pouch. Run a shallow bath of warm water and throw that sucker in. Let it stew so the water becomes cloudy and then soak child of any age in it for a while. It relives itching, stops scaring , and is generally a great relief for those inflicted.

When little one has an ear ache. Sock full of rice, warmed in the microwave or a warm flannel in a plastic bag for them to lie on helps to relieve pressure until calpol or ibuprofen kicks in.

For colds and flu, the old steamy bathroom with essential oils. Think cloth over the head of olden days . A steam diffuser or salt lamp is really good to help blocked noses and coughs.

Everyone has been told about the value of breast milk and though that choose to breast feed literally have it coming out the wazoo and to spare. Its great for eye problems so save some the freezer for when needed. Blocked tear ducts , sty's, conjunctivitis in both adults and children. Its great to freeze some for flu season for bubs once they are older as its full of antibodies designed for your child only ! Sorts them right out.

First aid , baking soda, that and a drop of water mixed in to a paste popped on that hard to get out splinter in lil ones foot, over night under a plaster and bobs your uncle , it expels itself. No needles and tweezers required.

Sore cracked nipples, cold cucumber slices. Think the spa, they pop them in everything from your drinks to your eyes. Cucumber is a natural anti — inflammatory and will help to cut that burning feeling we can sometimes get after feeding at the start. That coupled with warm flannel or a warm camomile teabag on the nipples can really help with easing your breasts in to regular feeding. Its also, the cucumber , wonderful for babies who are teething, cut in to sticks popped in freezer and then let them gum it to death. Helps sore gums and moving underneath teeth. Same principle as swollen nipples. Brings the discomfort right down.

For mums , I am a huge advocate for Arnica in drops, creams, teas, and little pills for your tongue. Any way you can get it. I used it to aid healing from my C-section and totally believe along with that and what I'm going to recommend next go me up and about in record time. I combined echinacea and turmeric together along with in my morning vitamins. But it's the Turmeric that has saved me and allowed me to be off prescribed heavy duty pain killers for a broken back for a few years now. It is a natural blood thinner and anti-inflammatory. And with being an older mum I was told to take aspirin for clots. The numeric did the same thing. Now I must press on you hear this was my choose only. I had been using turmeric for any years , swear by it and do not advocate it for pregnant woman in any way without you asking your health professional for their opinion.

I also as said above, take echinacea whenever I can if I start to feel run down. Few drops on the tongue or in a lozenge and I'm right as rain again. Apple cider vinegar in pill form or liquid mixed with honey and warm water flushes out the system of infections. Royal jelly, the stuff the queen bees eat is good for immunity and helps get you pregnant. I mean look how many bees the queen has !

Which brings me on the best wonder of the world and thats back with the bees HONEY. Mixed with garlic and you care covered for just about anything its natures pharmacy . Spoon full of honey for a sore throat , let it melt in your mouth and slide down. In a hot drink with ginger ( and whisky optional ) gets rid of winter blues and snuffly noses. In a salve mixed with flour ( only to make it manageable ) and vegetable oil , put on a bandage and stuck to bubs front or back for a few hours will break up coughs and blocked airways like magic. Note to self for best results get honey from your region, so if you grew up in England , English honey, Ireland, Irish honey, New Zealand like my self then Manuka honey. There is a theory that it helps to aid the immune system with the pollens that you grew up on. It's a god send for hay fever suffers , spoon full of honey and you will suffer less if at all !

There is also many wonderful uses for homeopathy ( alternative field of thought over antibiotics ) , essential oils ( to please the home and air to kill bugs ) and reduce remedy ( blend of herbs to allow calmness and peace to the mind when stressed). I swear by amber beads, my wee one wears a necklace around her wrist till she's bigger. Its wonderful as anti inflammatory , pain relief. Helps with teething , sleeping, and general well being. Something about the amber mixing with the natural oils in the skin and being naturally re absorbed. As i said i swear by them for 25 years

Im sure that you have few more of these gems in your family that this person and that person swear by. Look in to them , try the harmless ones, take advice on the ones you're not sure about. But if you want to have a go, there is a well stocked and knowledgeable health food store person in your town who can help you get back to nature for you and your family.

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