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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

My wee one is ill. It's her first real sickness, it's a temperature and rash head to toe. Its one of those ones that is all over but non specific. Just off her food and wants to be held all the time.

Probably a virus. She is at so many coffee groups, soft plays and playgroups she could have and has picked it up somewhere. It's just one of those things. Although I did have the 3 sec panic and reach for the glass to roll across her tummy just to rule out the big M. She's had her shots but Im still terrified of it. (Meningitis !) She seems to be fine and we will return to just general un-wellness care level with a rash.

Maybe because I was a nanny, I had to be Florence Nightingale many times over , and know my rash encyclopaedia inside and out, that I don't want to make rash assumptions ( pun intended ). I will wait and see if it becomes something. Sometimes a rash is just a rash. Can be a virus making its way through the body that starts at the top and works its way down and out. Can be just Heat Rash. Or develop in to Rosella, which looks bad but doesn’t really knock them. Or worsen into Hand, Foot and Mouth, Chicken Pox, Slapped Cheek anything where bubs can feel quite sick. Hopefully not measles as most these days have had jabs to prevent an outbreak. There is itchy or scaly or peeling rashes that are reactions to something. Food. Washing powder. Pollen. You name it!! So many for them to contract !! yahhh So we will wait and see .......

I can now say , her rash turned to blisters and she's officially got Chicken Pox. Poor wee dote has it everywhere and its very itchy. It's weird I almost wanted it to be that so she, like all of us of a certain age, with no vaccine available , will have to get immunity from getting it. Why, did you want her to get it? Because its better that they get the immunity while they are young. Its shown to contract these childhood illness older or as an adult , is worse on the system and can have more dire symptoms and consequences. Many parents whom the vaccine isn’t available to ( like here ) actively want to get it out of the way as such , will be happy to have their child exposed. I once held a pox party for one of my wee ones who got it years ago. Every Mum in her nursery class asked if she could get their child exposed. Whole households got it so everyone was off pre school together and not dragging on for weeks. She sucked on 20 lollipops and infected the whole neighbourhood.

It's hard when they are ill. Especially if you've not experienced it before and your wee one goes from 100 miles a hr to slow mode over night . So when they're blotchy and grumpy, wanting to be held but 10 secs later put down. They cant tell you how they feel , they just feel horrible and want you to make it go away. They will be hungry but not eat. Tired but cant sleep ! Living on juice/ water and pain meds and skin on skin with you on the couch.

Here is what you do.

- Cancel all plans, you have a date with the tv remote , be it their programs or yours. They won't feel like doing anything. Its best to keep them away from others for a day to a week or so depending on what they have .

- Check out your local doctors website to see what rash they have or confirm suspicions. NHS is a good one as it has pictures. And advise on any home care you will need to do.

- Have plenty of fluids on hand as they won't eat. So don't panic . That lovely round tummy they have is for this exact moment. It's a store of fats to live off when they feel bad. Once they are well they will restock it by eating you out of house and home

- Sleep , sleep, sleep. Let them , it's a wonderful way for their bodies to recoup. Don't wake a sleeping baby even if they go over their rest times. Sometimes you will have a bad night when they are feeling off so take the rest , both of you. Mind you , they may just want to sleep on you, so you won't have the option but to be still!

- Snacks, they won't eat at meal times so don't bother with it. But try to give them opportunities to nibble through out the day , if they want to. It helps keep up their blood sugars. I put out a plate full of bits and pieces, soft foods like cut up fruits , museli bars , strips of toast etc. I have it near by where we are laying or on a table nearby and encourage them to pick at it.

- Warm baths with oats and hypoallergenic soaps so as not to irritate the rash.

- Let them lie on you in comfy non scratch clothes, with what ever comfort items required, be it a dummy firmly in placed in mouth , all day and a teddy bear clung on to.

- Get comfy yourself. Just like when you were feeding them when they were wee, have all you need to hand to. Drink , phone, remote etc.

The best medicine for wee ones is you. If you're relaxed and calm and not panicky. They will be too and you can snuggle in and have a few duvet days together. Recouping and resting. Dosing them at the right times to take the edge off. And being there when they need you . They will be back fight fit in no time and your miss the quiet. But of course if you are at all worried about them , see a health care professional . Doctor, Chemist ( untapped resource , please use ) or A&E if you feel you need to. Your wee one is number one priority.

I am living by my advice above and we have daily oat baths which is helping her. Doses of calpol (new school of thought , don't give ibuprofen if they get pox as it makes them worse) . Getting lathered in Calamine lotion in cream form. Its not nice but hopefully she will now tick that illness off her list and get on with childhood. ( I say hopefully, as a wee one in the past got it twice ! ) Now I know what she has for sure, I can help her to get through this stage. First stage was temperature and no appetite , second phase is rash all over with small spots. Third, the spots join together and blister which is extremely itchy and all she wants to do is scratch. Which can scar if she gets to them , so I bathe her, pat her dry and cream her up. Covering her skin so she cant get to them. With a wee bit of help from me to ease her through , we will both get out unscathed

I can't say I hope you never go through a sick baby phase , because you will, so once you have assured yourself ( and even I do every time ) it's not something serious, you can be everything they need to get them through it safely and quickly. Im going back to the couch for an afternoon snuggle .

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