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Updated: Nov 5, 2019

So I was advised today by someone in the know ( my nail technician lady ) highly recommend, number at bottom and highly recommend doing something like that , getting pampered , for me getting my nails done is a treat, makes me feel nice especially if everything else in life is going down toilet like getting no sleep , etc. But she is also a Mum and told me my nails were getting weak and it happens after 6 months of having a baby. That and hair starts to lose that lustre that it gained in pregnancy and you will notice hand full will fall out in the shower or on your brush. I was advised to take some pills , natural supplements to help combat both of those and restore a balance in my body. It got me thinking two things, Again why weren't as new mums warned about this ..... Just another thing to add to list of things that happen to us once we have a baby ... it's just below , let go of aspiration of a career as the trampoline artist . ( think bladder ) The other thing I thought of , this is another pill / supplement we are advised to take . Literally making another human from our bodies has stripped it of its nutrient, minerals and vitamins of all kinds. We have given our little one everything , not just mentally and emotionally but physically , outside and now inside too.

Think back to when you were trying to get pregnant or first found out you were pregnant, sudden rush to local health food store or pharmacy to stock up Multivitamins, with Folic Acid. Oestrogen,Progesterone. Royal Honey, Pineapple , ( this is what I had to take to get my body ready ) There is big business in pregnancy tablets, and lots of brands selling you this and that , for development for skin , brains, eyes, spinal cords and everything in between. And thats just for Baby! Then once you have achieved pregnancy and are in to trimesters, you as a woman need Vitamin D and pills for Bones strength, Anti nausea tablets, Aspirin, Echinacea , Probiotics and in my case Antibiotics along the way. And I am sure some of you took lots of other weird and wonderful things for what ever you needed. I looked like the counter of a pharmacy, or pill pusher, ( me in an overcoat at baby bump classes, what do you need, I got it all .... Fizzy love heart sweets for heartburn ?? Huh huh , aspirin for blood thinning ..... ) On a side note the fizzy love hearts sweets work a treat for heart burn and indigestion so thank you who ever gave me that tip !

Then you have bubs and you think it is over.... It's not. You still need to work through the mountain of 3 for 2 packets of pregnancy tablets you got because you were scared of running out. Then the post pregnancy pills ( that are the same as pregnancy ones, I read the side of the box )! The breast feeding tablets to make sure bubs is getting what they need. Plus you need to start giving stuff to your baby, supplements , multivitamin liquids and Vitamin D drops. And now as above 6 months in , I have to start replenishing the stocks in my body. Hair and nails, skin and muscle. C section , need all the help I can get. Im still breastfeeding so I have to keep up my intake so I can keep up her intake. It is seemingly never ending.

But it is all worth it ( I hope ) as I need my hair and Im sick of hang nails. I want to feel like I have energy again, like I'm not dragging arse around going through the motions. If taking a handful of natural pills in the morning like candy will heal my scar, help me to feed my child and allow me to function like the rest of humanity then sign me up and I will let others know of the properties I have found ( like turmeric one of my candy pills , helps with energy, pain relief, blood flow and digestion ) When science and natural remedies have the answer or at least seem to offer help. I will be a sucker and continue to buy in to it. Long live the Mummy mafia hot line that helps each other out and lets us in on little secrets. Thank you to my nail lady for beautiful nails, again recommend it on all fronts and helping a Mammy out .

ps - nail lady is, Karolina 07447082584

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