Roll over, roll over the little one said

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

And off we go , she did it, and I missed it, bad mummy too busy chatting to friends and looked down , wasn't she on her back a sec ago ... whoops camera out baby repositioned and presto caught on film for the rest of the family ! This is great but I know this is the start of things to come, going are our days of a lump on the floor, playing happily, numbered are the times that we don't have to watch her like a hawk to make sure she doesn't roll off the bed / couch , and or under the furniture and or to something that we missed in baby proofing the house. Cos that is what is coming next .... Baby proofing, think everything off the floor, then double it as next they are pulling them selves up and walking and climbing the furniture. We may need to copy Roald Dahl lead and stick everything to the ceiling like in the Twits to keep our baby safe.

She is growing up and it is wonderful, scary and sad all at the same time. I keep saying I can't wait till she .... But I have to stop I can wait , I need to be present for her daily . I have changed that sentence to Im looking forward to her doing ..... Like I am acknowledging fun times are here and a happening soon. I think thats a trap we get caught in , we forget to be present in our lives. We are always there for others be it your baby and you family and especially ourselves but we need to stop and smell the flowers stop and just stare at your baby, try to feel and remember those tiny little hands, smell just behind her ears and the top of their heads as it goes to soon.

Those precious nearly moments will roll literally into steady moments they only get to learn that thing once and then they are on to the next so sit and watch them fail essentially , get frustrated, try again and succeed. The toppling over , then the righting themselves as they learn to sit. The happy accident as they roll over and look at you in alarm , "What did I just do " soon it will be second nature.

So yes I'm lamenting that I will have to baby proof the house, and the baby stage two will soon be over, newborn stage one and blob stage two . Yes, I am looking forward to her firsts and mine . But also sad that these times will never come or be again. So remember to enjoy the down time the lows as well as the highs. The quiet times of just being together. Statistically by the time our kids are nine we have spent half the time we will ever get with them so cherish every moment. Now where did I put that glue for the furniture.... Dahl reference .......Kidding.

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