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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Just when you think you are rolling along and on top of this thing called motherhood, another twist of the rollercoaster looms at you, getting off the ride that is breastfeeding. Those breast feeding hormones, the ones you had got used to and could deal with , they take a turn, a rather sinister one. You see no one tells you that when you want to get off, your body doesn’t take it very well. I had to find out in a baby music class. From another mother … who just happened to mention it casually. That moment of what could be deemed over sharing saved my mental health! Our Mums/HV’s /Midwives etc really are useless at sharing, do you think you are going to scare us off, beforehand. Did you forget? Where is the leaflet on this, why was I not warned, why were my family not warned !!

I had been feeling psychotic. I mean my husband breathing was annoying when I was pregnant , but this was another level. Makes sense ladies that when your body is amping up to feed your child , hormones go in to overdrive to push the body to produce the milk, logical I know, and it does make sense that when your baby is not taking as much those same hormones power down to help the body cope. Im happy for my body coping, my mind was not let in to this little pow wow it seems !

So when it was casually mentioned that when your baby goes on to solids and they start dropping feeds that your hormones go crazy ! A wave did roll over me at the point, it was relief, that it was ok, it was normal and my children and more importantly husband could come out of the storm shelter. But a heads up would have been nice. Like I said in slow your flow , we are pressured , told , want to and keen, to say the least to get on the breast feeding band wagon , but we are not told how the hell to get off and that it's a bumpy ride, just as much as getting on. Those words, it will happen naturally and transition get battered about ( hands up BF mums how many times you wanted to smack the next person who said that to you when you were starting this journey ) No one and I mean no one mentioned how crap you will feel both emotionally and sometimes mentally and also physically when you journey is ending. I for one don't want it too but also want it to happen naturally , let my baby lead the way . The real Baby led weaning if you ask me !! And she is , she has taken to solids like a duck to water and is dropping feeds left right and centre. And that is ok and Im happy for her. But we as woman need to share the knowledge we gain from this. Just like breast feeding will hurt a lot to begin with and for a good wee while , you will not ( most likely) get it straight away. It can take months to achieve. Your milk will not be enough at times, and pour from your body at others. And when the journey ends the surges and withdrawal of Mother Milk and mummy hormones will fluctuate like a motherf£*ker !

So it turns out Im not going nuts, (well thats up for debate) but I was just misinformed, or not informed at all apart from a chance conversation today over heard from another mother going through the same thing at the same time. We need to share, speak up, tell others anyway just in case. Give too Much Information (TMI) because there is no such thing as too much information, when it comes to parenting. To knowing your body, your mind, your emotions. I was saved with this snippet of someone else experience. And I hope that you can know you’re not going crazy if this happens to you too. This blog is dedicated to those coming up to the end of the tunnel, the wonderful fulfilling truly special journey that you have with your baby if you breast fed. Another notch for those bottle fed camp you don't have to plan to commit yourself to the funny farm. Just know Its ok , its normal, take your time, you will feel like shite! Try not to kill anyone......

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