Solids...... and not the oral kind

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Although this blog is sponsored by my wee one going on to solids ! And causing her bowels to produce solids , which is good but the transition did not pass easily if you get my drift.

The pros of solids, your wee one is growing up, moving into the next stage of their life, joining the family in meals and social interactions. Which ever method you choose to do , be it baby led by the book , lazy baby led by my blog or puree based moving on to solids is a wonderful and sad at the same time experience.

The cons of solids, your wee one is not a baby baby anymore, no longer dependent on you or a bottle , is growing up and sitting up. And being more child like ... which leads to more child like functions like sitting up , feeding them selves or trying to , and more child /adult like bodily functions which is the focus of this blog.

Moving on to more solids foods of course changes the digestive system and boy can it has some effects , wind, for one, peddles for poos, or extreme constipation. Just know this is all a stage and all will pass ( literally ). It is a transition for all of you inside and out. My wee one went from dirty nappies every change to then every day to not going for a week and then it was and still is very solid and she had a hard time passing it in the beginning. We are now in to week three of solids in both ends and it's starting to pan out.

All the mums I have talked to and about this stage remember and comment as they are going through it about the nappy 'changes' so to speak. It is amazing when your wee one does their first solids poo as its almost adult, no longer are we worried about colour and consistency , are they getting fore milk of this and that , its now all about texture and how grown up it is!

But there are ways to help your wee one through this stage.

Baby Massage- look it up, learn it and or go to a class. This is the most wonderful way to help to soothe wee tummies and release tensions. It is also a delightful way to spend a few minutes and bond with your baby. There are tummy pressure exercises and leg cycling movements. Songs to help you remember the actions and cool names to teach you to do the movements correctly to get the most out of it for your baby. Like waterfall and sun and moon, I love u, and spider walk. All these actions start over the babies right side of their stomach and apply pressure to move blockages to the left hand side where the gut meets the bowel.

Reflexology - Like massage there are pressure points on the babies body and especially feet to help relieve physical blockages in other parts of the body. There are also classes you can take or look up online where these are but if you just rub your babies feet from heel to toe you will hit them all.

Over the counter and make your own drinks - Gripe water for wind , Boiled Prune Juice, any fruit juices will help to shift things if they are blocked up. Alway remember to dilute all of the above make your own as fruit juice is very strong and full of natural sugars that aren't the best for baby to develop a sweet tooth as such.

Tummy time- a natural way to encourage development for baby and expulsion for gasses and movement for food stuffs. Put them on your now defunct pregnancy ball and roll them gently up and down. Pop them on a cushion and or towel and let them kick it out.

Take it easy on some foods - Some foods are stodgy and will take a wee while to move through the gut especially when digesting them is new. Rice ( baby Rice ) Cereals ( baby Museli) potatoes , cheese, bananas, pasta , can block wee bums up and take a bit of help getting out. I have found with Lazy Baby Weaning that she loves all these so I have to couple them with the P foods that all help her to poop . Prunes, Peaches, Peas, Pears, Plums. Also Blueberries seem to do the trick as well as yogurt.

Just like you and me , we need to balance out bubs food intake, make sure they are getting all the right things in the right amounts. And even like you and me we can misjudge it and end up having trouble at the other end. But with touch , drinks and a balanced diet all can be alleviated. But be ready with child/adult poops comes adult smells, and there is no remedy for them ....... anyone got a peg for my nose

Ps , if you want to join in any classes for massage and reflexology , have a wee look over on the website , there re some free and paid for ones that exceptionally good !!

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