Strip and Dip

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

One of the most wonderful times with your baby is when they are naked ! Firstly the skin on skin you had when they were born and when every you could get it in the first weeks.

And now its bath time or shower time ! It's a wonderful bonding moment that you carve out for you and your baby. It can last a few minutes to half hour or more if you include baby massage. It can be whenever, if you're a busy mum then take them in to the shower with you, I do. I have everything ready, their towel and a wash cloth . I bring her in to the bathroom, let the room get all warm and steamy , then I undress her leave her lying on a nappy allowing her to have kick with there knickers off so to speak and I jump in, do my thing then grab her for the last few minutes. She loves the water on her back and on her head, she instantly relaxes in to my arms and we just meld together under the water. She's taken to licking her lips as the water comes over her face. It's a great way to get them reintroduced to water and leads on to swim time later. Babies naturally like water if reintroduced to them early on and they don't get waterboarded like my partner does with her, what is it with Dads and their functionality of washing. We mums understand the caress of water and the relaxation. Bubs does too and if your happy and relaxed so are they.

Thats why bathing time is an intricate part of a good routine, not only does it get them clean , as we all know by the end of the day everyone is covered in spills and sick ups . But it gives you both time to relax. The routine of bath time is so important later in the winding down for a full nights sleep . It tucks in to bath , book, bed for older kids. It is the beginning signifier that the day is over. So starting this early is great . A warm fluffy towel , a smiling face on the side of the bath or in it with them. Water surrounding them where they can float. Lovely smelly lotions and potions to wash them with and rub them down . My partner calls it the polish , as he towel dries our kids. Massaging them to release the day , allow limbs to stretch , and lymph nodes to drain . Allowing cognitive and physical patterns learned, to sink in through snapysis's in the brain that are trigger with touch ( the ear lobes and crossing the centre line with feet and fingers) It's a wonderful time to connect, with eye contact and singing or speaking to them . Can't think of what to say, tell them about your day or what body part you're drying, count their toes and fingers with them. It's times like this of one on one that they learn conversation and speech patterns. In later years they are learning to count and body parts. Everything can be a learning experience !

So please pop strip and dip in to their and your routine, there is nothing like sploshing warm water ( they will start to relax as soon as they hear the bath running) stripping off the days clothes and letting the air hit their skin. Submerging in soapy suds, then scooping them up in a towel and wrapping them like sausage roll. Drying them off, smothering them in kisses and raspberries on their bare tummy, dressing them in soft pjs and have a sleepy soapy smelling bubs in your arms ready for bed. Enjoy,

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