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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

This Milky Bar is closing down. All the patrons, be it only one have left, in fact they are fighting with me about staying open! She biting me to say her opinion and I begrudgingly accept it. My baby has weaned herself and my milk/ body is drying up. Hopefully just my bust. But sometimes you do feel as a Mum that they are draining the very life out of you what with taking the calcium from your teeth while in utero to the next level of tired that you are once they are out. It's ok , we almost made it a year and Im please about that. I can't really complain that she decided it and it happened organically and naturally. She growing up and there is no stopping it....

Now what to do about the milk and I don't just mean in your body... the bits and pieces in the fridge / frozen , the alternatives when they are thirsty , cows milk, other animals milk , vs plant based soy, almond, oat....

Firstly the fridge or freezer. To finish feeding your body takes a few days to weeks to get to the memo and stop production, I know mine is... its been about two weeks and I can still get milk if squeezed. Which I have been advised to do, just take the excess out of the breast. So I have come full circle , in the shower where I so desperately hand pumped to get the flow going and so want to feed my daughter. ( milk was late in due to c section or actually it was on time , I was early ) to now hand pumping to let any go as by god I don't want mastitis again!!

So when she had in the toilets of a restaurant told me in no uncertain terms she was done with breastfeeding , (she had been taking smaller and smaller amount and feeds till she full on chewed me, both sides ) I started to use my electric pump to take the feeds away, and stored them in the fridge for making breast milk cream. A friend had recently and incidentally coincided her charity work of selling kits to make breast milk cream with the ending of my journey. So I bought a few and made up what I could fresh. I also fished out a few left over bottles from my milk donations that were hiding down the bottom of the freezer. Wonderful stuff, part essential oils, part vitamin E oils, part coconut oil and beeswax and you have a totally natural product that made with our own breast milk as the secret ingredient is tailor perfectly to your baby and any itches or scratches, rash, cradle cap, or just as moisturiser .

The milk itself if not to old, can be and I did used for my wee ones gunky eye, ( few drops cleans and clears it out ) Can be put directly in to baby bath to sooth their skin. Or a friend the other day put it directly on the dry skin behind her wee ones knee that no amount of over the counter and prescribed lotions or potions was shifting, cleared it right up !!

This Segways nicely in to these rashes and irritations can be linked in some cases by giving our wee ones milk of another kind that doesn't agree with them. Cows milk based formulas can be hard on wee tummy. Dairy can have allergic reactions, showing up on the skin as hives, dry skin, angry skin in crevices. Blood in nappies, bloating and gas to trouble breathing. There is also lactose intolerance, not the same thing as dairy allergy. Which in turn has it own set of reactions. I know people have tried goats milk, sheeps milk which are higher and lower in sugars and fats and have more proteins and easier to digest. You can get all the by products too, like yoghurts and cheese , etc.

Im looking at plant based milks as when I handed my wee one a cup of milk it was handed back to me with a disgusted face. So Im trying almond and soy out ( not together ) see if that makes a difference as I do want / need her to have something to drink that gives her essential vitamins and minerals to her diet. I myself am trying to drink coconut water and milk, as I heard a rumour that it helps to breakdown fats in the excess mummy tummy. worth a try ...

There is so much on the market, oat milk that you can buy or make yourself, rice milk, soy milk , almond milk , coconut milk. We aren't really designed to drink another animals milk and it has lead to higher cholesterol levels and fats in our body. So I will look at alternatives.

What ever and whenever you choose to move on from breast feeding or formula and what ever you choose to give is up to you. No judgements here , I am just lamenting that will miss the oxytocin that I got a rush of, the closeness that I had with my baby in my arms. But thats the crux, she's not a baby any more and I'll miss that the most ....

Ps . Just thought of one of the up sides, that I haven't had in a while ......... alcohol .... Pink gin ! This happened while I was pregnant and then feeding so now I can try this and see if it's my new favour drink. Yahh

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