Tummy time

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Or torture time as most babies call it, if you could hear the fuss they make. You pop them down for a sec and they complain, but this is good. Frustration is your friend and the key to making their brain work to move them to the next level, head up, rolling and eventually crawling. But boy will they complain about doing it, trust me this goes on for years, I have teenagers ! I know its hard to listen to, and they will get louder if you don't , but you must stick to your guns , this is your first lesson in mum knows best and you're just going have to trust me moments. Start small, a couple of secs 3-4 times a day , working up to minutes a day till they want to be on their tummies. Yes, that moment is coming, once they realise that it leads to independence, they love it.

For your own piece of mind, here is why its good and you know best. Its great for digestion, the pressure on their tummies helps to push things along shall we say so expect a poop after. It's beneficial for head and neck strength and control. I pop my wee one on a donut cushion to begin with so she could lean on her hands and get her legs kicking. This leads to 'wanting' to move . When they have had enough I roll them over. It shows them how to do it. And soon enough they will be rolling all over the show and getting themselves lodged under furniture. It is wonderful to watch them rolling all over the room. I get down on the floor and lie with her, give her eye contact and talk to her. I pop flat books and freezes under her so she has something to look at , helps to up the time on her tummy.

When they get the hang of it , you see they get excited to be on their tummy, legs and arms start going, which is wonderful for cross pattering ( synapsis in the left and right sides of the brain ) which is imperative for cognitive development and gross motor skills. Big words done! What it means is, the left brain controls the right side and vice versa when you cross the centre line ie touch opposite toes and fingers to each other or they march, in a baby way (opposite legs and arms going) it switches on the sides of the brain and motivates bubs to get mobile. Like I said they roll over, then push up , then knees come up and they rock to and fro. Then the funny part when they eventually do get lift off and crawl , they go back wards! You'll find them again wedged under furniture ! But they will get the hang of it and find first gear.

All because of tummy time . So ear plugs in , know best grimace on face and ignore for a wee while all complaints of mistreatment directed at you from your baby. These are the first mile stone and literally stepping stones for your baby.

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