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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

I have waited my entire adult life for the moment. After giving birth to her of course. To throw her a first birthday party. And its tomorrow and I can't wait. Not just because it is a celebration of her year, her firsts, sitting , rolling, walking, talking , etc. But and this a a two pronged reason and it's all completely selfish , as a nanny for so long, doing birthday parties for so many year after year, throwing my all in it and organising some kick arse birthdays I might add. It was hard to stand back and watch the parents bring the cake up to the fore, have the child blow it out and I was just on clean up, I did not want acknowledgement, I wanted to be them ! Im a geriatric mother ( lovely term isn't it ) which means Im older and us oldies have waited and tried and hoped for that baby for so long we almost gave up hope. So every party I successfully pulled off for others was a bit of a dagger to the heart at times. So finally I get to serve the food I want, to light the candles and stay in the photos. Still on clean though ...

Not that she will recall any of this or know my excitement. She will just think it's a huge playdate with all her mates and extra nice food. Get in ! But the first year really is a celebration for the parents, it is a you made it through the first year, the kids don't really care but try and explain later why there is no photos of a party and you're public enemy number one ! And I really do feel not just to stay in your Childs good books later on that we should celebrate and take stock of that first year. It was tough , you're handed this human and told to keep it alive, warm , fed and watered, clean , entertained. All the while not knowing how to do that exactly and on no sleep. The manual got lost in the post and even if you had one, like Harry Potter the words keep moving ( not just from lack of sleep ) and disappearing. As every baby is different and they move the goal posts themselves every couple of weeks. We as mums have battled through and survived, and most importantly so have they! We made it , We got this .....

So yes we need a party when they turn one ! With drinks, lots of drinks. Usually to fortify ourselves for the next stages, toddlers, the two years and threenagers ! That is a whole different blog , but trust me I got you covered, I will help you through it. So tomorrow I will be very chuffed to welcome my daughter to her 2 nd year of life. To reminisce about those moments that are seared in to my mind. Holding her for the first time, our first skin to skin contact. Her smile that gets bigger and wider every day as she figures out her wee world. Our bed time routine that she will only do with me ( Im sure she has one with Daddy too ) that involves three kisses and a dummy exchange before she will settle. Thank you to all my other kids over the years that afforded me the wonderful practise runs so I will be able to give my wee one a perfect day for her and me.

Happy Birthday Wee One

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