Buddha Bellies

We love kissing them, blowing raspberries till our wee ones cant take it any more. We are fascinated by them and so are they , constantly lifting their tops and showing us their tummies. It's wonderful , those wee round jelly bellies. And so important for an instant report on how our wee ones are doing, health wise.

Wee ones tums are a very helpful and useful way to keep an eye on their general well being.

Their tummies are a wonderful. And the rounder the better. They store so much more than just food there. Here is what to look for in a bubs belly

Is it hard, if they are grizzly and unsettled. Then feel their tummy, is there gas, a blockage, they need a bowel movement ? The stomach and the intestines are so packed in there with wee ones right from birth , that they can get compacted and blocked so easily. If their tummies are hard, then try a gently massage from left to right following the natural path of their gut to bowel to alleviate symptoms. You might need too and can push quite hard to help them and then cycle their legs , pushing them up towards the stomach to act as a natural lever to encourage the gas and or blockage to follow through should we say.

Are the tummies full and round? This is a good thing! I once had a mum tell me I was feeding her child too much and making her fat. This was not the case and Ill tell you why.

Two reasons.

Big round tummies are where wee ones store everything. Their short stature to begin with, doesn't allow much room for organs to spread out. So its all housed in a small space that is the torso area. Of course they are going to look fat , there is no where else for all the vitals to go. Secondly , it's their store house. All the good fats are there in the belly . This is a wonderful little system for two reasons , when , not if, your child gets sick and likely goes off their food, this is the bodies wee reserve station. And draws on it for energy, to fight off all the nasties from a simple cold to noro virus and all the spots and dots that comes with childhood rashes and bugs. Babies need to store up this good fat while they are well and live off it when they are not. You will notice that when they are sick, they will lose this wee tum but eat like a horse to replenish stocks once they are fitting fit again.

The other reason is growth spurts. Your child will get extra pudgy around the middle when they are gearing up for a spurt. Be it taller or getting ready to be mobile , etc. They are storing the energy that the body will use to make the leap to the next phase in life. Ive found that go OUT as in get the right fats for an extra push in bone density and stretching the skin, muscle development and then UP, like over night and the tummy is gone ad they are a foot taller ! Or OFF, they start crawling , walking , running or what ever developmental and physical marker they are at.

We as parents are responsible for giving them the right foods to store the right fats so they can achieve their physical goals. Like putting the best quality fuel in a car getting ready for a race. Our wee ones are athletes ready for an event and need all the good stuff in their bodies to move. They are putting on weight in their middle , revving up and waiting for the green light . Don't panic, that they are getting squidgy and you're feeling like you are feeding them wrong. Unless weight is being packed on in other areas that aren't designed for growth then your babies body is doing what it is supposed to . They are supposed to have rolls in all the right places. Just be ready that you are going to have to start moving to keep up with them.

Get those kisses and cuddles, tickles and raspberries ready as a buddha belly is the in thing for the young ones these days. It will be gone before you know it and they will be big little people and little big people in no time.

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