Get Lost

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The best thing and the worst is when you are left on your own with your baby. It is the best because its just mummy and me time, you can go anywhere, and that is also the worst , you are literally left alone after the dust has settled and all the well wishers and visitors and family have gone back to their lives and you suddenly have nothing to do. But don't despair, this gives you all the time in the world to go explore! All bubs is doing is sleeping and eating and pooping, so if you go forth equipped then the town is your playground. Pack the nappy bag of essential for you and them, chuck on good walking shoes, wrap them up tight and into the pushchair and off you go. If you know your neighbourhood well then that's a bonus, but pound those pavements anyway, as a new mum you will notice places you hadn't before , like a dinky cafe that does great coffee, a playground that was never on your radar before, a collection of shops that are great to pop down to for bread and milk or a whole network of places of interest to wander around. Streets that are tree lined with benches, a view over something that passed you by before. Purposely get lost in you're stomping ground, find new ways to cut through and get through to people and places. Plus all this walking covers your bums and tums exercise AND lets lil one sleep in fresh air, while you have that cheeky treat we all deserve.

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