Get out

I was saved the other day by my wee one and taught a lesson. I was in a funk. Im physically in pain again , my wrist is causing problems and I cant use it for things especially with my wee one, cant lift her or help her, changing a nappy is difficult. And it's throbbing and it's giving me a short tether to say the least. My morning hadn't gone to plan , and I threw in the towel on it quiet early on. I resigned myself to sitting in and watching morning tv. To boot it was cold, like artic cold outside !! I had every reason to slump. My daughter had other ideas....

She put on her own boots and tried to get a coat on, ( one arm in , good effort ) and promptly yelled to me sitting in her pushchair that was parked in the hallway. It wasn't a gurn or a grump but a lets go lady. You may have given up on the morning but I want out. I was faced, literally a little expectant face, with a few choices. Give in to the funk I was feeling, like really sad and down sinking feeling , disappoint my wee one, feel guilty that she had to pull me emotionally up or suck it up and take her for a walk. I choose the latter. And I feel so much better for it !

On this walk I gave myself a good talking to, that yes I felt guilty / sad but it will pass, I got out the door. Then I gave her a good talking to , about everything we could see and hear. We counted car and looked at wild flowers. She got out of buggy ad walked a bit while I enjoyed the slow amble with her and focussed on breathing and letting it all go with the wind. I propped myself up with the thought at least I was doing the exercise bit of 10 things to improve your mood and before we knew it we were at our local children charity shop that was on sale and did a wee bit of therapy .. Retail therapy then celebrated with coffee and a cookie at the next door cafe.

Sometimes the simplest things can bring the most rewards. And the whole process apart from the shopping was free. Yes, it was artic cold but I had gloves and a hat and so did she. If she's not phased by it, I really need to buck up. There is nothing wrong with taking our cues from others even if they are smaller than us. They see life uncomplicated and straight forward and we need to learn to revert to that . The troubles real or imagined can wait while we remember to smell the flowers in life. We as parents have a lot of pressures and a mini escape can bring clarity and even remove the problem altogether sometimes. It did for me, I need to ( quite literally ) blow the cobwebs away, get some fresh air. Plus she walked and babbled away so much, that after lunch she slept her full nap time and I got to have some down time on the couch.

No, my morning didn't go to plan, yes my mood was horrible, but thank goodness for mini me's that force us to adapt and adopt to their needs unknowingly addressing our own. Im so thankful for her. When you next find yourself in doubt or turmoil, look to your own reason for living and take their lead and get out..... It will do you wonders.

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