I cant be arsed...

Is how we feel sometimes. Its just one of those days. You have nothing on, literally , still in pjs till 2 pm. The place is a mess and you cant get the motivation to even leave the house. And I used to feel guilty about these days , like I should be doing something ... Then when I sat down on couch for the first time in the day after I had got dressed ( so 2.01pm) I realised I had actually done a lot so far.

Piles of laundry had got sorted, washed, hung out because my daughter has a fascination with the washing machine, she loves putting stuff in and getting out, pressing the buttons and even pulls up a pint sized arm chair to watch the bubbles ! So today I indulged her, which meant dry stuff had to be put in actual rooms and wait for it , drawers ! I usually operate a straight from washing basket to floordrobe to me scheme and my teens raid the washing baskets before its made it upstairs ! I had sorted out my wee ones room of outgrown clothes as I got her dressed and bagged them up. We sorted out inadavertantly the Tupperware cupboard as she had pulled EVERYTHNG OUT. We spoke to Grandparents afar on FaceTime, while having a leisurely breakfast and then while we were on phone organised a few playdates. I had folded all my nappies with help from my wee one. She turned it in to a game and it took 45 mins which was great. As I had no where to be and nothing to do. We pottered around the house and got stuff done. And its ok !! Just pottle around your house and be a homebody.

Now if I had planned this, like Im going to do all this today and the cant be arsed came over me, then it would not get done. But by having no plans, I freed myself up and achieved rather a lot. We Mummies put so much pressure on ourselves to be the perfect Mum. But by sitting back and letting things happen organically. Taking our hands off the wheel of expectations and judgements we all haul around, we can relinquish control over situations. I have found things kinda just happen. I actually feel quite good. I gave myself permission to just flow today and what I got out of it was spending time with my wee one. Real time and quality time. As I said she helped me ( loosely ) with nappy folding ( Im a cloth Bum Mum) and getting all the bits back together once washed can be tedious. She helped and didn't help, she got things I needed then ran away with them or put them in her buggy and gave them a tour of the house before I could have them back. We talked to each other, her watching me. I found she was so attentive that I took it as a chance to up her vocab ! Explaining step by step what I was doing. We sat on the floor both in pjs just hanging out for hours in various places around the house .

I don't know what the rest of the day looks like , she's sleeping, I do hope to get something done outside of house, on my list of never ending errands. But I have to say the annoyed feeling I had this morning that I could not be arsed becoming the reality that its ok to just potter and I don't have to do something to be productive is quite liberating . We always seem to be rushing around so I give you all permission for a slow start if and when you needed it. To take the pressure off and just be with your child, playing dolls and or reading books, making Tupperware towers and throwing clothes around the room. Yes there is a list and it will get done, sometimes unintentionally and accidentally while doing all of the above I have found. But the most important duty and job you have to spend time , proper, good, nourishing for both your souls time with your child ( children ) And I give you permission to not even get dressed to do it. There is a positive side to being lazy after all. I feel , I want many more cant be arsed days from now on.


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