What they won't say !

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

For me , after years and I mean years of longing , it happened, finally the universe choose me to be a mum. I had, have many friends that are in the club, all rooting for me of course, seemingly bobbing along in their motherhood, smiling, comparing, complaining about parenthood. But when asked about pregnancy they all went, for better of a word mum on me ! And now I know why !! It sucks . In truth and I am only half way through and Ill give it to you straight ... I knew it wasn't an easy ride, but boy I never knew it was going to be this hard! Right off the bat, I was sick, nauseous, constantly, who ever coined the term morning sickness can go take a flying leap, it's morning, lunch, dinner and night sickness, its nausea and vomiting and weeing yourself while you do and dry wrenching and projectile out a car window or door on the side of the road. it's any and every smell setting you off, no matter how much you loved them in a past life. For me coffee, I didn't drink much previously but the smell was welcoming and warm , now I run from the room as my other half makes one and don't get me started on all my favour haunts on the high street, I could not even stomach the door opening as I passed one let alone go inside.

It's the funny and strange aches and pains you get, that no book tells you . It was only at my first Midwife meeting that she confirmed my suspicions that the sharp aches and pains were my womb stretching and nothing to worry about.

It's the tiredness that washes over you at strange moments and the ability to fall asleep anywhere at any time on I might add anything, my sister just propped her head on London Bridge one time and was out. Me in the waiting room of the dentist !

The sore boobs that feel like you are growing rocks instead of milk ducts, I haven't worn bra 90% of my pregnancy ,I found sports bra crop top things and that was it.

Loose teeth, I feel like they are all going to fall out, which makes eating hard because I'm afraid one might actually go during dinner. Also sore Jaw, lately it feels like I've done a few rounds with Tyson all due to hormones and loose ligaments

The taste of your own stomach acid, if throwing up wasn't enough then comes the indigestion, heartburn and reflex. No matter what position you are in, lying down, sitting up, it comes. I have known women to walk around with straws in what ever choose brand of liquid to help with this, forget the daily dose! I found fizzy sweets help and apple cider vinegar.

And don't get me started on hormones. Get ready for a roller coaster ladies, ads will make you cry , you'll want to rip someones head off and then cuddle the next.

Clit kicks, yes exactly what it sounds like, when bubs is running out of room in there and starts pushing around you get fists and heels to organs you never thought you would feel on a daily basis. And the worst is the thump to the bladder and the kick to the nerve that leads to the clitoris. Its like an electric shock to the whole of you're nether regions and womb. You'll jump make a funny face, but now you know its coming !

But all is worth it , I know this , but I now know why when I told my female friends who are mothers I wanted to embark on pregnant and quote ' would try to enjoy every moment !!' that they all said best of luck, they love their kids but wouldn't do the pregnancy bit again, I should have known something was up. Maybe thats why they call it 'keeping mum' ??

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