Be my Valentine

So I was driving home from Friday playgroup where the wee ones 'made' a sugar cookie with icing and sprinkles and marshmallows. I say they made one in the loosest of term, the heart cookie was pre-

made and it was the Mums who popped the icing on and like my wee one , it was the kids that threw some sprinkles at it and ate most of the marshmallows presented to them! It got me thinking, armed with my / her cookie that I should honour Valentine's Day, but I could not think what to write.

We are now in the company of our one true love ( s) since growing them ourselves. Their love, and affection is unconditional , even though some times it feels like a bargain chip for them. I love you Mummy does become hollow when they want something ! You want them to say it without prompt. We tell them , we love them multiple times a day. We kiss them and hug them till they wriggle free or need to be put down or bat us off . Our love for them is bottomless, a never ending spring of delight just looking at them. There is no greater love then parent and a child. It too is unconditional.

Thats when I though of what to write, we give everything to them , everything ! Our time, our attention, our patience, our lunch, our uninterrupted sleep. We would not have it any other way so I thought I would remind you, the unsung heroes every day to love yourselves. To be proud of the work you do ( and parenting is work )! Shucks it's what we do when we decide to be Parents. Yes, it is but it still needs to be acknowledged even to ourselves. It's not vanity to look at your life, your kids and give yourself a pat on the back. You are every thing to everyone else and it's ok to say , I am doing my best , and I love myself for that.

Ive talked a lot about looking after yourself, as you cannot pour from an empty cup. And as Mums / Parents we can forget that and somehow, find reserves of energy that end up depleting us and grinding us down so we get mentally or emotionally and definitely physically sick. It's ok to take a minute ( that can be 5 , 10 , 60 ) to recharge, and then charge on. I find even though I'm really tired, but I am a night owl and need to have a few hours of me time once the kids are in bed, either doing something I like, like pilates or watching a film or having adult conversation. I really should go to bed and sleep but I find doing these things help me to recenter and be the best person I can be for every one around me.

Take today , tomorrow and all the days to have a self love valentines moment. Remind yourself of all the good you are doing. Even if its I got everyone dressed this morning ! Be nice to yourself! Love yourself ! Happy Valentines, you're doing a great job and you've got this !

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