Pay It Forward

Handmade love heart from my wee one

I got a warm fuzzy the other day. If you don't know that saying its from a childhood book, that happy people who do nice things get warm fuzzies in their tummies, ( those who do not nice things get cold prickles ) it's a great book , taught me a lot and has been part of my families lexicon ever since I was 6. Anyway I got one. I was able to find a home a bouncer that I was given and subsequently I found out that they were given and goodness knows how far back it goes. Not too long this bouncer was in good nick so not too many tiny bums had been in it I suspect. But here I am talking about how far back it goes and really its how far forward it can go. This is kind of like my blog about rehome. We as mummies need and receive so much stuff and it is the kindest of friends and families that provide 90% of that, and there is a coined term of pay it forward. It originally came from people buying coffees for the homeless and them being able to come in to claim them. Great scheme especially in the winter, needs to be done in every city and every cafe , etc. But I digress.

In this society of want and need and greed and especially eBay etc it is nice to see that things are passed along. I know from Charity shops that they have suffered a real downturn on every item as people can now sell their stuff instead of donate. So I am here to ask that we as parents support each other and give give give. It really does come around. I gave away most of my wee ones smaller clothes, kept a few for the keep sake box etc but passed them all on , that night my hubby came home with a bag of items from his colleagues at work , whose kids are big and they had in the garages/cupboards , etc. It pays in life currency to pass it on and pay it forward and it comes back round to you. In this age of self promotion its great to know there are little pockets of people that care about each other , look after each other and are there for each other. So this blog is a pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek and a warm fuzzy to all of you. Well, done mummies for being the best ( and doing the best ) we are all in this together! Thank you xx

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