Pyramid scheme

My wee one scooted up the soft play activities with not a care in the world. She took her time and figured out the best way to overcome them, even having to go a harder way because a load of older school age boys were blocking the easier option. I was so proud of her and was at the bottom of the huge slide to give her a celebratory clap , high five and fist bump ( care of my teens teaching her this , its all she wants to do now ) At the bottom a Mum said to me, wow that impressive, my wee boys older and can only just manage this place.

That's when it occurred to me, every one needs to know that they are winning their own race. Mothers children , etc. Its nice to get a compliment ( on her behalf ) but I sure her child is doing something that mine will grapple with in the future. We should not and cannot compare and contrast to each other. Everyone is at a different stage. An example there is 5 months between the oldest and youngest in my antenatal group babies ages. And everyone is doing their own thing. One is in their own big girl bed not a cot , at 18 months, one is using the potty at 16 months old, another is just started to sleep through the night at 15 months. One is swimming like a fish at 14 months and mine is circumnavigating a soft play thats aimed at 5+ year olds with no bother.

Not one of them is doing it all, they each have their strengths and are playing to them and thats exactly how it should be. We need to remember that every day , in every way. Never to question why aren't mine doing that , or this but look how great they are at this and that instead. My only Motto to remember is that they need to do it, when is up to them. I employ the basic stepping stones when they are younger. Head shoulder knees and toes ( tummy time, sitting up, crawling , walking ) and childhood markers when they toddlers. Are they understanding language , engaging in talking and learning things such as colours, numbers, letters , etc. As I have said before I had a wee one who was active, I mean up a tree hanging up side down but didn't speak and her neighbour who was same age who wasn't walking but held full sentence conversations. They were best friends, and we popped them together to play and they egged each other on and both were running and talking with and to each other in no time. Positive peer pressure. Kids learn from kids.

Keep up the exposure to all things in their and your world. The soft plays till they get it, the coffee groups communal play area, and eating snack in a group setting. Talking to your child constantly till they answer you one day ( then they won't stop and you will never get a word in edgeways). Reading books and pointing out life. Watch their cues when they are ready to make a move in to a bed from their cot or seem interested and able to understand their bodily functions to sit and use a potty ( never force either of these things, Disastrous consequences )! They will sleep through when they sleep through , you will need to try different approaches for different children in all the activities you endeavour . It's all pick and mix from here and there to make it work for you. Never measure how they or you are doing by others. Take pointers that you could attempt things by seeing what others are doing if you need ideas. We are all in it together to support and encourage each other. But we and especially our wee ones are all on different paths from each other. We are all in our own lanes but it is by no means a race !!

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