Reuse, recycle , rehome , refuse part three

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

If you have been following my rant on the amount of waste there is in my home and around my baby , then you will know Im on to RECYCLE. Now most of us have been doing this for a while diligently sorting our cans and paper and plastics and glass and running out in pjs and slippers in the rain to get the right bin out on the right day. But recycling needs to change . To us it was throw away our waste to be mulched and made in to new stuff for us to use and throw away again. Plastic bottle into plastic bottle , but we need to be more use 'it ' more , eek every little bit out of an items before throwing it to recycle or away.

My biggest tip is paper, it's the easiest thing to reuse and recycle in your home and to forget about and just throw away under the guise of it will be recycled by the council. Yes, but it can be reused in your house and especially by your kids.

One wrapping paper, I have only just learnt this stuff CANT be recycled, go my god I think of the swathes I have used over the years for birthday and Christmas! I shudder to think where it all ended up . So keep, reuse and recycle as much as you can , it can be used to line drawers, to draw on , most is one side printed, perfect for wee ones when they get creative with only few lines on a piece and say it's a master piece. Also start to make your own , rolls of paper are available from outlets and a few paint brushes and little hands and feet and you can make personal paper for all occasions.

Office paper and letters of unimportance. The amount of misprints if you have an office and useless paper that comes through the door telling you about stuff is amazing and when you have a wee one can be a god send . As above when they get creative and they will ! Using the back of these circulars and paper that otherwise would be recycled can help it to find a new life.

Obviously bottles ... recycle them in your house, as drinking bottles again and again. Cut the top half off them and use them for storing items, long paint brushes, colouring pencils, use as paint pots .... If you are so inclined start making your own sauces , jams, pickles etc . Glass jars that we buy in everyday items in are great for this . Also keep a few shoe boxes, cereal boxes around . Very good for crafty items and storing bits and pieces in for kids, the cereal boxes are for cutting up or sticking stuff too.

Clothes, my gran used to unravel what she had knitted the year before and recycle the wool in to something new, the items got smaller and smaller as we grew but still the wool became new from a jumper to a scarf to pair of gloves etc , it really is a lost art, like cutting the sheets down the middle and resewing them ( rationing from the war trick ) Im not saying we need to go that far but a leaf can definitely be taken out of the other generations books on how to recycle item with in the home. My grand dad collected little yogurt pots for seedlings to grow vegetables, talk about making the most of everything. We need to have the same mentality, can that item of clothing be recycled , can it with find a new purpose of home, cloth rag or next generation. Can it be mended and worn again? Or can it be donated ? That's my next blog REHOME

Recycling in general is something that we must teach our kids, if they see us doing it they will too. When you buy that drink bottle on those occasions you have forgotten your reusable one then make sure you show them which bin to put it in, or take it home and refill it , cut it up for a new use or make a point of collecting them and going to the recycle outlet. Some of my best memories are taking the bottles to the bottle bank and being allowed to send them down the slide and listening to them smash at the bottom. Don't try to say you don't have bottles around, mums , wine say no more . Recycling is more than waste management, it has to be for the sake of our kids. Now when is bin day again?

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