A tissue a tissue, we all get sick

And I don't mean the holiday period. I mean the cold and flu season. I am and my family including wee one suffering under it. One of us is coughing and spluttering, one with blocked nose, another with sore throat, I don't want to jinx it but no one has the flu yet or high temperatures but we are of one sort or another under the weather. And all shattered, grumpy and snappy, no one has sympathy for each other and there has been a lot of sleeping, tissues and take out. It sucks!

And especially for the wee one who is suffering all three I imagine, definitely sneezy , wheezy and congested. She can't tell me , she can just look at me with sad doe eyes and sniff, get annoyed at the never ending wiping of noses and try to look so cute with her little cough. The kicker is I can't give her any thing really strong or really effective to be truthful. But super mum to the rescue as there are ways to help her.

Essential Oils- Tea tree/Manuka , Eucalyptus , Peppermint, anything with a strong smell can be liberally spread around the room, be it in vaporisers, on a wet flannel on the radiator, sprinkled on their mattress before they go to bed or on a muslin in their bed. There are the two leading brands that offer menthol drops and plug ins and rub on ointments , Olbus and Vicks do things for wee ones as adult options are not recommended.

Vitamins- get a multi vitamin in drops or child friendly application and give it to them , the whole family to boost immunity , echinacea is especially good for helping wee one fight off the lurgies

One on One- that old chest nut of skin on skin. Nothing better for bubs and a full body boost and reset as Mummies skin, your smell, your warmth and your heart beat are a babies go to pharmacy. When bubs is not feeling well , they just want cuddles , they naturally do this not just because you are a reassurance to them. They know instinctively to reach for you as your body resets digestion, heart beat , temperature, increases immunity ( especially of breast feeding ) , they instantly relax and can sleep, as it regulates breathing. It's also a stress relief for both of you. Just make sure your warm and comfortable , have gone to the loo and have the remote and a drink beside you . Ignore the door and the phone !

Snot sucker - I am sure it has some fancy name but I call it by what it does. And even though they will HATE it first couple of uses, it will do two things, get all the green plug of snot that is bothering them and two once they get used to it and what it does almost ask for it. Wee one can't blow their noses and you can just hear them wheezing next to you so I am in favour of this method of snot removal. I have used it on all my charges and as I said as they now ask for it or do it them selves. Until they can and have mastered blowing their nose themselves.

Balm and tissues- you can get both in one , but if bubs noses is streaming and it will , I find if you have a balm handy to pop on to the wee face before during and after wiping noses it helps. They don't mind as much if it doesn't hurt, or gets rubbed raw. You can use vaseline , but there are many that also having healing properties with in. A friend of mine makes her own with her breast milk, can't ask for anything better for baby than that . It's parts breast milk, petroleum jelly, and essential oils for smelling nice. Works wonders for all skin ailments. I also put it all over my wee ones face in this weather as the wind and snow and cold can really dry their wee cheeks out. It just gives a extra barrier for them.

Calpol and Ibuprofen - Your wee one is struggling , being sick is worse for them , they are so little so do help them any way you can , especially if over the counter meds can aid them in literally knocking them out so they can sleep. If they do get a temperature , cool bath to lower it , warm blanket to even the keel, they might feel sweaty but they are freezing on the inside. And your chosen meds, I find some react well and instantly to one or the other and not the other so much , but you can over lap them as they are of different families, so every two hours you can dose them to help.

Sleep- just like us sleep is the natural healer, it allows our bodies to shut down and focus on attacking the foreign bodies in us. Children really only have sleep, you will notice that they completely stop moving when they are sick and they sleep. So let them , I can't stress this enough , do not wake a sleeping sick child. They will tell you when they need food, and it won't be much as appetite is the first to go. They will tell you when they need a toilet stop or nappy change but don't be surprised if they don't really need to go or go as not much in , not much out. But sleep is natures healer so how ever they can get it , in bed , on you , on couch next to you let them

Of course there are lots of others lovely illness that our wee ones will get , like the vomiting kind and thats mostly all of the above but with the exception fluids fluids fluids! And quarantine them and their care giver otherwise you will all have it with in a day as it is an airborne virus !

Anyway , stay healthy as much as you can , stay happy and warm this season and any excuse for some skin on skin cuddles, ill or not is not a bad thing , just in case ........ duvet day !!

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